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Legitimize Freedom!

Free Brian Nichols! Pardon the Carrs!
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We are dedicated to the United States of America and RAW LEADERSHIP SKILLS. And just as any one-armed leg with a heart can become the feather weight champion of the world boxing federation, we believe that Jonathan Carr along with Brian Nichols have a chance at becoming the most unifying Commander in Chief(s) our great land has seen since Carter/Mondale.

Do you honestly think that when the Carrs were performing in Wichita, that they stopped and thought for a second about what the U.N. might say? I don't think so!.

Can you really force yourself to believe that Brian Nichols was worrying about how his attempts would affect the world economy? Heck no, he operated by pure animal instinct-that which cannot be taught.

At Yale, Harvard, Washington & Lee, you may learn something. But the raw talent that it takes to make decisions with a cold, emotionless heart can only be refined in the streets. The REAL University of America

And to finalize our argument that these men should be made President, when asked by (surviving) victims about what their assailants (Carr, Nichols) reminded them of, over 1.99% of them answered without hesitation: Commanders In Chief.